How to get rid of Depression? Natural Depression treatment & Therapies

Stay strong and learn about severe depression treatments and therapies.


Everyday several people experience depression and whatever they find, seems to be overpowering. They fail to understand what were the true causes of depression, hence they find it difficult to cope with depression. Once you have understood the causes and symptoms, you will be astonished to see that some ways are too easy to follow and would help you to get rid of severe depression through depression therapy and other means. Getting help for depression can turn your life on its head.

How to deal with Depression?

A lot of people who have depression symptoms had one thing in common. A patient was too conscious about what people think, if they come to know about one’s condition. Seems like a valid point, Right? It’s a natural reaction and you can’t control what naturally comes to your mind.

First thing to understand is that your health is more important than what the world thinks.

Secondly, it’s not a stone age we are living in when people used to think that demons possessed you if you had depression. It’s 21st century where the world is progressing by the speed of light and the social understanding and trends have changed.

So lets just go through  some of the depression treatments that you can pursue. Some of them are purely medical which are used in case of severe depression while others are natural remedies, therapies and exercises which can help you with your depression.


How to get rid of depression

Anti Depressant Pills

depression problems Taking anti-depressant (pills) may seem not to be a wise decision or come across as a shock to you for depression treatment. But if your doctor has prescribed you some, there is no wrong in taking them. It’s nothing to be ashamed for. It is as simple as using a bandage to cover up deep cuts. Prozac and Zololoft are the most prescribed anti-depressants world wide. Medication is an integral part of severe depression treatment and has helped more than 80% of the people change their life in a positive manner.
However, taking anti depressant can have side effects and it is not deemed for everyone. For instance, SSRIs are not the right depression treatment if some one has situational depression or if a patient is pregnant.

Natural depression treatments

Are you skeptic about the consequences of taking antidepressants? It’s a natural concern since SSRIs such as Prozac can have side effects. As J. Kitanaka remarks in his book Depression in Japan: psychiatric cures for a society in distress that the pharmaceutical companies have sidelined the social and behavioral aspects of depression, there are natural ways to treat depression. You can indeed stay away from pills by just changing your lifestyle and nothing else.

Change your eating habits

Go out somewhere and get yourself a treat occasionally. Make sure your regular diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet allows to maintain nutrients in the body, eventually aiding to deal with depression.

• Drink lots of water

• Take out time to do things that you enjoy

• Meditation: Meditation allows you to ease of the tensions in your brain, strengthens your body’s spirit, maintains peace with health and brings happiness. It is certainly one of the most successful natural depression treatment

Support Network

Support networks are one of the most entertaining, creative and successful ways to get rid of depression. More over, they also harbor productivity. Following a support network include:

• Never be alone: Be positive and be with positive people from your family and friends

• Say out your depression in front of others and share the feelings with then. This will certainly be of huge help. Beware of whom to trust, because letting people know of your feelings makes you vulnerable.

• Seek help from professionals

Exercise to get rid of Depression:

Do you really think all your thoughts are trustworthy and should be taken seriously? Think again! Following is an exercise that you can perform daily. It is quite easy to do and helps in getting rid of severe depression without medication in no time. The hard task is to stick to the routine of this exercise.

Depressing thoughts continue to shift throughout the day. Reserve a specific time for them later in the day, say evening and let your depressing thoughts know about it. The reserved time should only be of fifteen minutes and not more. So every night, let’s say the time you have specified for them is 7:45-8:00 pm every night and that you are going to give your full attention to those thoughts in those fifteen minutes. Now you are tempting, inviting and welcoming them in the time bracket of 7:45-8:00 pm. In this time frame, you are going to do nothing but just commit to them only and give them your full attention.

At the end of the day, you will be surprised to see that this bargain of yours will prove productive. They will now leave you alone during the day, only if you strictly honor them as you committed. You would be amazed to find out that after you have performed this for about 7-10 days, these thoughts will need less and less time of yours.

Depression Therapy

The triggers of your problem can easily be identified through depression therapy and it may work much better than depression treatment through medication. There are a number of therapies that you can use according to your mental condition such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and art therapy. Use the therapy that works best for you and brings you back to life of happiness and liveliness. Before taking depression therapy sessions to help you with depression, you need to know that therapy is a mental exercise. Like stimulating the body physically, therapy stimulates the mind and makes it more productive and efficient.


• Be as happy and as often possible. Remember, it takes less energy to be happy than to be depressed.

• Get out and be active. Doing something will shift the brain from depressing thoughts.

• Always remember that you are the controller of your mind and that it will make you mentally strong and capable to beat depression.

• A simple smile is all that is required to up lift the mood.

What is your experience of with depression? Remember that 1/4th of the people who get professional help succeed in getting rid of their depression. If this article has helped you in any way, please share it with your family members and friends to make it a common knowledge. 


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