Recurring Stye – Causes, treatment and home remedies

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recurring stye cause,s treatment, symptoms and home remedies

What is a Recurrent Stye?

A stye is a minute bulge or swelling on either the inside or outside part of the eyelid. It is also called hordeolum. The appearance of a stye, resembles with that of a pimple. Styes grow in eyelids. There are two type of styes i.e. external styes and internal styes. Typically, styes are not contagious and disappear in a couple of days. Some of the sufferings that people experiencing stye are redness, itchiness, tenderness and pain in the affected eye.


The eye suffering from stye would water frequently. Recurrent styes instigate usually because of poor management of bacteria.

Recurring Stye Causes  and Symptoms

There are a number of causes leading to a recurring stye. Following are the most known causes of stye inside or outside the eyelid.


A stye fosters when bacteria, dirt or excess oils block the eyelash gland. Also, it can be the amalgamation of blepharitis and stress. Conversely, they only ascend in one area i.e. the area at the end of eyelids where lashes develop. It is advisable not to blow or pop it out.
Styes are commonly triggered by a bacteria called as staphylococcus. It’s a bacteria on the human skin that can cause over reproduction and start infections and is the primary cause for recurring styes. The existence of this bacterium is due to low or poor diet and hygiene. Examples include usage of expired cosmetics products, applying makeup overnight, and the most common of all i.e. not washing dirty or infected hands when touching the eyes.
Arrival of styes can be caused by blepharitis; a gentle of poisonous inflammation. It’s a natural phenomenon and produces negative consequences on oil glands, eventually initiating irritation and itching in the eyelids. Those possessing this are most likely to entail styes. In worst case scenario, internal or external styes are not contagious. They also should not be considered as a sign of cancer. Lets have a look at the cure of recurring styes, and what treatments and home remedies can be applied. There are a number of ways to get rid of a recurring stye.

Treatment (Treating a stye)

Often there is no need of treating a stye as they are self-diminishing. This infers that they have the capacity to heal themselves in a few days. Therefore, no perplexed treatment methods are applied to manage them. The key to have stye eye relief is to keep the stye area clean and not let the bacteria foster. If you take care of it, there is a good chance it will not re-appear.
Home remedy:
Warm compress should be applied for ten minutes to the affected area to reduce its effect. Its one of the most widely used methods to cure a stye.

Recurring stye treatment - Get rid of a stye

The process is required to be completed thrice regularly until the symptoms of uneasiness, irritation and annoyance fade away. A person’s vision is not disrupted. In majority of the cases, styes fall out on their own. So, no attempts should be made to burst them up. To gain stye eye relief, antibiotic drops of ointment should be applied in recurring styes as the bacteria might be booming in the eyelid, causing stye to occur instantaneously. On the other hand, you must consult an eye doctor (specialist) before applying any of the medicated solutions. You may like to read the complete guide on how to get rid of a stye by using the top 5 methods.

Let us know if you got relief from stye or not. If you have any suggestions, let us know! :)

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