How to get rid of love handles fast? – Lose belly fat quickly

“Learn how to get rid of love handles fast through natural ways!”


How to get rid of Love Handles fast


Do you hate to be criticized by your boss, your colleagues, your relatives and even your family members. Are you looking for the answers to the question “how to get rid of love handles fast?” Just sitting and thinking about it is not the way to get back at them. The only way is to remove that extra fat lying all over your body.

Eating what you desire, drinking to enjoy and keeping the health fit is the dream of every person. But for some, it takes less effort to stay smart because of their natural metabolism and others need to work out. Well it is not that difficult to stay fit. Just a couple of guidelines and determination to follow them could serve the purpose. Before learning how to get rid of love handles, you first need to know in detail what love handles are, and only then you would be fully equipped with the information to deal with them.

What are Love Handles?

Love handle is a slang term to describe belly fat. Much like cellulites and thigh fat, love handles are a naturally occurring phenomenon through inhibiting artificial fattening products or following lazy habits schedule. You may like to read how to get rid of fat around your body parts. Did you know that a lot of actors faced this obstruction and followed some rigid but life changing ways to get rid of love handles that improved their life.

We realize the fact that there are many scams that indirectly force you to follow what has been shown and at the end of the day, you find yourself in the bed with more weight than before. There are a lot of companies providing pills to get rid of love handles and are very successful. We can provide you with artificial as well as the natural ways to fight this unsolicited impediment.

Love handles are just extra fat that needs to be cut off so it won’t lead to further diseases in future. After consulting some nutritionists, gym coaches and scientific evidence, we have come up with some solutions on how to get rid of love handles and would ensure the obliteration of the extra skin you never wanted. Just follow our basic guidelines and you’d be a walking star in no time. Lets now find out how to get rid of love handles.

Step#1 Healthy Diet (Key to lose weight)


Initially I thought my gym instructor was rude when she said to me that I should try to figure out why I got the love handles rather than asking “How to get rid of love handles?”. Your diet matters the most and eating healthy is the key to get rid of belly fat. We have deduced some basic ways that would guarantee a loss of few inches as well as physical fitness. Following are the ways to get rid of love handles, are easy to follow and ensure a healthy metabolism.

a. Water consumption per day = 3 liters

b. Eating of vegetables and fruit = 5 times a day

c. Do not skip breakfast

d. Abstain from consuming fried products and cheese

e. Abstain the intake of fizzy drinks and sugar related products

f. Eliminate ingestion of red meat. If you cannot resist red meat, eat it one or max twice a week

g. Eat more fiber as it reduces blood sugar rise

h. Eat more protein

i. To lower the level of blood glucose, add 1g of acetic acid (from vinegar)

j. Addition of lemon juice to a meal can help support blood sugar levels

k. We also have a medicine that will help you maintain your hunger, prevent ingestion of excess food and help to get rid of your love handles.

Step#2 Cardio-Vascular Exercises to get rid of love handles

To learn how to get rid of belly fat, you need to understand which exercise is appropriate according to your size, weight and age. For that purpose you need to calculate your BMI.

The most efficient exercises to get rid of love handles are cardio-vascular, targeting directly on fats and eradicating unwanted skin.

Cardio-Vascular exercises increase your metabolism and help to reduce weight efficiently and effectively. Majority of the fat on the body is easy to get off but the stored fat around min-section leaves at the end. Do not get depressed when this fat does not get off even after exercise of several months. Continue the following exercises and you’ll be able to learn how to get rid of belly fat and you would be a smart person in less time than you expect.

i) Perform activities like walking/running/biking/swimming daily for at least 30-50 minutes, 4-5 times a week. This would aid in maintaining the current weight and not gaining more.

ii) Get warm up for 10 minutes and stretch before doing the given exercises

Once you are done with the warm up,. it’s time to burn some fat, Follow the schedule mentioned in the below table for optimum results.

a. Push Ups 10-20

b. Crunches 10-20

c. Bench dips 10-20

d. Pull-ups 10

e. Pull downs 10

f. Hanging knee up

g. Repeat these exercises in the same order for 5-6 times 

a. Jog for 5 minutes

b. Sqauts 20

c. Left crunches 25

d. Right crunches

e. Lunges

f. Stretch lower-back and abs

a. Walking for 30 min

b. Running for 20 min

c. Biking/swimming are optional

Some other exercises recommended by gymnasts

These are some technical exercises, not to be performed without the complete know how. Before applying the above information to address  how to get rid of love handles, you should ask your gym teachers or gymnasts to demonstrate them for you.

1) Bicycle crunch

2) Russian twist

3) Plank knee drive

4) Side plank

5) Stability ball plank

6) Elevated plank

7) High planks from the hands

8) Low plank from elbows

9) Dead lift

We have tried to come up with simplest solutions that would assist you on how to get rid of Love handles. If this article was of any help, please share it and leave your comments.

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